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Carbon-Ion RT May Cut Risk for Subsequent Tumors in Prostate Ca

(MedPage Today) — Hypothesis-generating Research needs more Investigation

Miscarriage from a man's perspective

“Lost present.” “Death of a loved one.” “Emptiness.” “Chaotic movement” “Rock.” “Guard.” “Repairman. “Secondary character” Researchers at the University of Missouri say men often use descriptions like these to cope with their spouse’s miscarriage and to explain their function in the experience.

It's spring already? Physics explains why time flies as we age

A Duke University researcher has a new excuse for why those endless times of childhood seemed to last so much more than they do today –physics.

Moderate Muscle Strength Key to Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Moderate levels of resistance training should be encouraged to reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes, and US findings imply, although conversely, high-strength training may negate the result.
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Roundup Caused Man's Cancer: Jury

pesticide being sprayed onto plants

Monsanto, now owned by pharmaceutical company Bayer, faces more than 9,000 Roundup-related suits in the United States, The Guardian reported.

Modest Effects of Intense Therapy for Prostate Ca

(MedPage Today) — Studies of chemotherapy, ADT add data to discussions about high-risk disease

Cannabis and Psychosis: Getting Harder to Argue Against Causation

(MedPage Today) — Case-control study adds to mounting evidence, though”bidirectional” relationship Can Not be ruled out

Researchers develop new method to detect cancerous DNA in lung cancer patients' blood

A new method of determining the sequence of molecules in DNA can be used to discover small fragments of cancerous genetic material in blood samples from lung cancer patients having a high degree of precision, according to new study published in the major cancer journal Annals of Oncology today.

Blockchain in Medicine

(MedPage Today) — Is it That the new coin of the Health realm, asks Michael Kirsch, MD