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Sexual satisfaction: Treating a woman with oxytocin also benefits her male partner

A new study demonstrated the sexual response of guys, whose female partners were treated with all the”bonding hormone” oxytocin or a placebo, has been enhanced — to the degree of enhancing their erectile function. This effect was not a function of the substance handled, so that the outcome is attributable to the advancement in communications within the long-term connection.

Pediatric Cell Atlas needed for better understanding of children’s health and illnesses

Research efforts to comprehensively map adult individual cells are in progress. However, in a Perspective publishing March 28 in the journal Developmental Cell, researchers assert there is a requirement to map children’s cells with the identical level of granularity.

C-Section Death Rates in Developing Countries 'Worse Than Expected'

(MedPage Today) — Largest study to date on risks in Non – and – middle-income countries

Erectile dysfunction medicines do not cause melanoma, analysis of large studies finds

Use of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra does not result in the development of melanoma, a lethal form of skin cancer, a new report concludes.

Book review: The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Strap-On Sex

Disclaimer: As with all goods examined Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction up to now, I had to pay for this publication out of pocket with my money, and I don’t get any compensation for writing this review.
A couple of considerations for folks with pelvic pain issues who might be interested in harnesses:

The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Strap-On Sex – allow ’s phone it TACG out – the book is brief. I was able to burn through the book begin to finish within only a couple hours. The Kindle variant I read has 1568 locations (sentences, I think,) which translates to about 160 pages in paperback format. There aren’t some pictures in the Kindle version – there’s not one of those cut-away academic diagrams of male pelvic anatomy. All the descriptions of anatomy and how-to are written out in paragraph form.

Where TACG actually shines is when Blue talks about the significance of communicating. In case you’ve been slacking off at the sensual communication department, Blue lists a couple of tips for how to attract strap-on sex up in conversation – most of these suggestions can easily be applied to other different sex acts too. Blue also reminds the reader to think about their spouse ’s viewpoint, since talking about sex can be (but doesn’t need to be) nerve-wracking. Blue suggets a couple of areas for mining if one partner or someone else is reluctant – exactly what are you uncomfortable with, the potential for pain? Insecurity with turning around gender criteria? Cleanliness/messiness/poop? You don’t know where to begin or what exactly there is to perform during? There’s ways to address these issues.

Remember that if you’re adding objects anally, then they actually have to be designed specifically for that. If you only grab whatever’s handy, you or your spouse could wind up with a toy missing in the body or a significant accident – either scenario asks a trip to the emergency room. Blue addresses what kind of butt-friendly toys to search for. Length, dimensions, and stuff all matter, so shop smart.  Don’overlook the lubricant, because the anus may ’t create its own secretions how a vagina can.

TACG becomes less helpful if you’ve had exposure to strap-on gender, either through experience or though some of the complimentary how-to manuals on sexuality sites. The secret is, should you’re considering trying strap-on gender, then chances are you’ve already looked at those absolutely free how-to guides before picking up the book.
I wouldn’t recommend TACG function as initial book purchase by Violet Blue. My general impression is that IMHO I believe she put more effort into a number of her other stuff.  There’s nothing wrong with the book; It contains good factual information & encouragement! I only liked some of her other sex guides longer. Franky I thought that some areas of the book were drawn out more than needed – I basically skimmed throughout the chapter about man anatomy because I’ve seen it before… And that I skimmed over the sensual vignettes. The stories are nice; I don’t have any problems using the writing, although they’re many pages as long. Obviously, YMMV!

TACG includes a little information regarding strap-on sex and disability. Author Blue suggests having a double-ended dildo when you have a wrist injury or mobility issues (location 1188,) and that she proposes that a vendor from which to procure a harness developed for cis men. (Particular thing is here; NSFW; similar products may be available elsewhere.) Why would someone who already has a penis need a tap for a dildo when their equipment is already present? The notion is double penetration of a cis female partner, but in my mind I’m imagining something similar this may actually be convenient for couples dealing with erectile dysfunction – particularly since Blue says that an erection is not necessary to utilize a double tap. TACG clarifies other harnesses as well; there’s one kind the wearer can strap onto their thigh or even their mind.
The book includes virtually everything you will have to know about strap-on sex and perhaps some things you hadn’t thought about – body, history, myth debunking, what equipment to look for, how to go warm your partner up and then go through with pegging, and safe sex. Actually, I would have chosen to find the section on making strap-on sex safer near the beginning of the novel, instead of in the end, but there is precedent for conserving the best for ultimate – Sex Toys 101 did it this way too. Keep in mind that anal penetration is a speculative sex act concerning passing along infectious agents between spouses, since the tissue is delicate, and now there ’s a lot of germs on the other side of the anus. Blue comes with a table detailing your risk of infection from anal intercourse, pegging and associated activities and describes tools like anti inflammatory & dental dams it is possible to use to decrease the dangers.

Blue writes that “in case you fret about [your pubic bone] becoming sore against thrusting, you can buy a specially made pad of thin foam to cushion your pubic bone” (location 1159,) although at which exactly one could buy such a pad is not explicitly stated. Whether this kind of pad has a specific name, I still don’t know it.

Among the double-ended dildos clarified in TACG is the Feeldoe, a double-dildo with a single bulbous end. It’s designed to possess the bulbous end inserted vaginally, which makes the phallic part vulnerable, for the partner’s pleasure. But I don’t know how accessible this toy would be to folks with pelvic floor disorder and/or pain – It looks like something I would find uncomfortable, if not outright painful, to this point of impossible to use as intended.  Supposedly it could be used with specific harnesses with some adjustments, however it’s designed to be inserted in the wearer’s vagina.

I liked the part about the history of this language of strap-on gender and why you may have noticed a glimpse of pegging there and here in mainstream sex shops, movies and discussions. I was also pleasantly surprised with the inclusion of a chapter on how to have strap-on sex with a third party. Opening up a connection is a little too advanced for me although the book is clearly polyamory friendly. There’s a lot of coverage about various reasons couples might want to attempt strap-ons during intercourse in the very first place – some grounds include (but are not limited to) the possibility of prostate stimulation, aesthetics, or dream fulfillment.
Well… I enjoyed the Ultimate Guide to Fellatio better…

In general, I’d recommend a number of the other dildos from Tantus, since I have one I’ll vouch for, so they all ’re silicone & most have a solid foundation suitable to get a harness and anal stimulation – including some smaller models and plugs.
Overall, The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Strap-On Gender is a okay book. It is going to be best for direct folks – particularly cis women – just starting to consider strap-on gender, that don’t understand what’s involved. Similarly, it is going to be practical for straight guys who want to be on the receiving end, but never tried it before.
Why are we reviewing a novel about pegging to a site about erectile dysfunction? For much the same reason mentioned last time we see a book by Violet Blue: Personal motives + it was at the book queue. Besides, I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again: Sometimes when you have sexual malfunction, you have ta get real creative, real quick.
I recently picked up and ended reading the sensual guidebook, The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Strap-On Sex, by writer & blogger Violet Blue. It’s exactly what it seems like – an in-depth manual to incorporating strap-on sex toys and methods into partnered sex.

Should you’re a pelvic pain individual considering a harness, I strongly recommend  sticking with two-strap harnesses just. Or harnesses that are worn over some other body part, like the thigh. The issue is that single-strap pelvic harnesses need to get worn between your legs like a thong and therefore cover more of the vulvar area. Two-strap harnesses go on your thighs and buttocks instead, leaving more area vulnerable. The differentiation between solitary and two-strap applications is explained in additional detail from TCAG.
Also, Blue doesn’t cite this part, but beware of attributes with a pouch to get a vibrator… Harnesses with a bullet vibrator are assumed to create the experience more pleasurable to the wearer, however depending on the way in which the vibe rests against you, it might just feel as a foreign, challenging a thing digging uncomfortably into your pelvis. It’s just much like something out of the Princess and the Pea. I personally find it even more comfortable to work with a vibrator separately either prior to or after wearing the harness.
Should you’re concerned about causing your spouse pain, then remember that rectal stimulation doesn’t need to – and if you’re doing it carefully, shouldn’t – hurt. You might be tempted to talk about your prescription lidocaine or even OTC novelty numbing gel with your open minded partner but ’s really a poor idea: numbing dyes dull everything, which makes deriving pleasure more difficult… and if you’re able to ’t feel exactly what ’s going on, then you won’t even know whether you’re becoming injured. The book will inform you how to correct your methods to minimize distress & Enhance pleasure.
Remember also that you are by no means obligated to weld should you’re thinking about getting a harness. After speaking with your spouse, you may decide to simply wear it around for awhile or to take part in some other non-penetrative actions with a dildo equipped, just for display.

In summation: the $10-$15 retail cost investment will be ideal for novices, with less bang for buck the more expertise & knowledge you have around strap-on harnesses & how to use them. More experienced readers may find it useful as a reference from time to time.
The short version of the inspection is…
TACG‘s target market is cis, heterosexual couples thinking about pegging – along with pegging, by definition, occurs between cis, het partners. However, strap-ons are employed in LGBTIQA communities also – so to me personally, it was weird to see so small policy of strap-on use outside of sex. There has been a lot of reassuring the reader an interest in pegging doesn’t absolutely indicate your partner is homosexual. Definitely a publication aimed toward cis, het couples primarily.

Team finds universal background checks lower homicide rates

First-ever side-by-side contrast of state gun laws finds states with universal background checks for all gun sales had homicide rates 15 percent lower compared to states without such legislation.

Dissecting dengue: Innovative model sheds light on confounding immune response

(Larner College of Medicine in the University of Vermont) A challenge of dengue infection — for that 40% of the international population is in danger — is that it may be caused by one of four variations of this virus, and disease by one type only protects for this model and can cause more severe illness after infection with a different form. A new research finds information regarding the human immune reaction that could aid with successful vaccine development.

Changing the relationship between disability and technology

(University of Leeds) A significant new research project is harnessing a diverse array of disciplines to analyze how technologists could learn from individuals with disabilities — and encourage them later on. Directed by the University of Leeds, Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures will for the very first time bring together experience in arts and humanities, design, engineering and robotics to improve understanding of how disability is presently represented, and ways in which technology can enhance lives later on.

2-Way HIV Positive Kidney Transplant Reported

illustration of kidneys

A 35-year-old Atlanta woman who contracted HIV as a newborn offered one of her kidneys into an untreatable stranger, and doctors at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conducted the process on Monday.

Mayo mindfulness: Can sharing kindness help your health?

You have heard the stories that are inspirational: Passersby dropping scads of money into charity set strikes or anonymous donors paying off hospital bills to get strangers. And individuals helping victims during storms and natural disasters. These acts of kindness make everybody feel good.