Month: July 2019

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A moderate dose of novel form of stress promotes longevity

A newly described form of anxiety known as chromatin architectural flaw, or chromatin stress, causes in cells a response that leads to a longer lifetime.

Human pregnancy dependent on cells evolved in platypus-like animal 300 million years ago

Platelet cellsthat forbid mammals from bleeding non-stop, first evolved around 300 million decades ago in an egg-laying animal similar to the contemporary duck-billed platypus, finds new research.

Nearly 600 Residents Scramble for Positions as PA Hospital Closes

Other apps are working to receive additional GME areas approved for homeless Hahnemann University Hospital inhabitants. “This is all but unheard of,” one program director said.
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Interoperability Program Attracts Critics

(MedPage Today) — Rule Known as Overly vague, full of loopholes

Food and alcohol reduce activity in 'hunger neurons' via different brain pathways

How exactly does the brain process rewards? Researchers are investigating the way the brain reacts differently to two generally ingested rewards — food and alcohol — to comprehend how they change neural activity and behaviour.

Exercise improves brain function in overweight and obese individuals

New findings reveal that, in addition to its advantages for metabolism, disposition, and basic wellness, exercise also improves brain functioning. In recent studies, researchers discovered that overweight and obese people are prone to insulin resistance in the mind, where it provides information about current nutritional status, as well as the remaining portion of the body. So researchers wanted to know if exercise can improve insulin sensitivity in the mind and improve cognition in overweight individuals.

Retina can restructure itself following gene therapy

Following gene therapy, the retina can restructure itself and regain normal light answers, according to study in mice printed in JNeurosci.

Should You Try Allergen Immunotherapy?

Title: Should Allergen Immunotherapy Attempt?

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New anti-obesity drug trial set to launch at Alberta Diabetes Institute

The Alberta Diabetes Institute will soon be at the middle of a new clinical trial to get an anti-obesity drug targeting people with rare genetic conditions that contribute to their obesity.

Health Tip: Causes of Appetite Loss

Title: Health Tip: Reasons of Appetite Reduction
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