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Purely Elizabeth Recalls Granola Products

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A assortment of granola products are recalled by only Elizabeth since they can contain foreign matter such as rocks, plastic or glass.

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Military Medical Malpractice Case

Daniel said he would keep working with lawmakers and advocates to alter the rule.

Congress has considered putting the Feres rule but stopped short of action. Introduced H.R. 2422, that could allow active-duty support members to sue the government for damages brought on by medical malpractice. The bill has been referred to the House judiciary committee.
“We knew from the start this would be a long trip with even longer chances,” he said.

Andrew Hoyal, Daniel’s attorney, said he was”clearly disappointed” in the decision however heartened in the responses in Thomas and Ginsburg.

But that litigation and subsequent appeals were ignored not depending on the facts of the case but because of the Feres doctrine, which holds active-duty members of their military can not sue under the Federal Tort Claims Act for injury they incur”incident to service.”
Daniel, a former Coast Guard officer, also disputed the findings of a Navy autopsy that concluded Rebekah Daniel died of”natural” causes maybe linked to a rare, hard-to-prove complication of childbirth.
Since that time, but the court has refused to take. The Daniel request beat against the odds. Of the 7,000 to 8,000 cases submitted to the Supreme Court each semester, only about 80 are accepted.

The justices declined to discuss the event of Navy Lt. Rebekah”Moani” Daniel, who was 33 in 2014 if she died after having a large postpartum hemorrhage in the Naval Hospital Bremerton, at hours of their arrival of her daughter, Victoria.

Rebekah Daniel expired in the Washington state centre, on March 9, 2014. In a 2015 wrongful death suit, her husband maintained that she died.

In court documents, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated she’d have granted the petition. Justice Clarence Thomas dissented from the decision, asserting that it was up to the court to reevaluate the rule in the absence of a determination by Congress. He noticed the court in recent rulings”twisted traditional tort principles” to allow certain veterans to seek compensation for negligence.
The Supreme Court on Monday denied a request that sought to alter what’s known as the Feres doctrine, from suing the government for injuries, such as medical malpractice a principle that bars active-duty military members.
A Navy nurse who perished after army physicians allegedly failed to halt gigantic bleeding following childbirth’s family will not get a hearing from the country’s highest court.
During Walter Daniel, the nurse’s widower, a lawyer, and her daughter, Victoria argued that the court should amend the 1950 ruling to permit service members to sue for medical malpractice exactly the same way civilians can.

The judgment was challenged in the court over 30 years back when the justices voted 5-4 to uphold it. That decision drew a scathing dissent by Justice Antonin Scalia, that announced the rule ought to be scrapped. More recently, Justice Thomas claimed it should be amended.

“Sadly, the justice system remains closed to our family, our coworkers and the households who commit their lives to military service,” Daniel, 39, said in a statement Monday. “Victoria and I will not have the opportunity to find out what led to Moani’s death, and to make sure others do not experience the same tragedy.”

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“Such unfortunate consequences — denial of aid to military personnel and distortions of other regions of legislation to compensate will continue to ripple throughout our jurisprudence so long as the Court won’t reevaluate Feres,” he wrote.
“Our situation and our fight is finished — but it proceeds for other support members. Moani’s narrative has created a groundswell of momentum to fix the injustice of Feres, and now this issue is moving all the way to Capitol Hill,” the statement said.

Sepsis Treatment Flops in Phase III Trial

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Less Pain, More Car Crashes: Legalized Marijuana a Mixed Bag

Title: Less Stress, More Automobile Crashes: Legalized Marijuana a Mixed Bag
Category: Health News
Created: 5/16/2019 12:00:00 AM
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Integrated stepped alcohol treatment reduces alcohol use in people with HIV

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Sleep problems in teenagers reversed in just one week by limiting screen use

Sleep in teens can be made better by 1 week of restricting their evening exposure to screens on tablet computers, phones and computers, based on findings to be presented in the European Society of Endocrinology yearly meeting, ECE 2019, at Lyon. The research indicates that by limiting their vulnerability to emitting devices in the evening, teens can boost their sleep quality and decrease symptoms of exhaustion, lack of focus and bad mood.

New insights into premature ejaculation could lead to better diagnosis, treatment

There are several myths and unknowns about premature ejaculation within the community and the general population. Two new papers provide much-needed responses that could result in improved diagnosis and treatment for guys that are affected. Premature ejaculation can cause significant distress to a guy and his partner. While it has been known as a syndrome for over 100 decades, the clinical expression of premature ejaculation has been obscure, ambiguous, and lacking in objective and quantitative criteria.

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